I’m a web developer who lives in Mauritius. I can help you build your projects so that you get results.

Meet me through the following paragraphs.


From 2013 to 2015, I went to a high school in Mauritius where I mostly studied economics, management, and law. However, for my final year, I choose to specialize in computing, discovered the web development field, and developed my first website. It was an alumni website for the school but was never published.

After high school, I spent two years in France from 2015 to 2017 where I continued my computer science studies with multiple technologies such as C, Java, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, GNU/Linux, etc. During these two years, I also had an opportunity to do a three-month internship at Portsmouth, in the United-Kingdom.

Aside from that, I learn every day with tutorials, courses, experimentation, and feedback that I get in my work and in life.

Notable Experiences

During my college studies in France, I had the opportunity to do an internship at Portsmouth in the United-Kingdom. I worked with a local researcher and a student on a psychological analysis tool. It was a very rewarding experience both professionally and socially as I had to step out of my comfort zone and communicate in English which was and is not my native language.

After that, the first job that I had in Mauritius was a pretty notable experience too. I worked on a pharmaceutical application called OffiCentral that is used in pharmacies in France and other European countries. I was part of the team that worked on it’s conversion from Adobe Flex to Angular. It was a pretty huge project that required good system thinking and cooperation.

A last important experience was a social media management application. It was a personal project where I did everything: front-end, back-end, etc. I wanted to create a tool similar to Hootsuite, Buffer, SocialPilot, etc. to help companies to manage their social media accounts and their relationship with people on social platforms. Regrettably, I discontinued the project because I was unhappy with the code, lacked time, and had to deal with some life circumstances. I’m currently thinking about re-doing it.


I’m currently doing mostly web development and I’m comfortable with HTML/CSS, JavaScript/TypeScript. I love Angular and I have been working with it since the end of 2017. I also have a good knowledge of Bootstrap and jQuery.

I’m not doing as much back-end development as front-end, but concerning the technology, I have a preference for Node.js. I have some knowledge of PHP too, but it’s more limited.

For databases, I now use mostly MongoDB, but I worked with MySQL, PostgreSQL, and DynamoDB in the past.

I’m using WordPress for building websites quickly and I also have SEO knowledge.

Concerning my environments, I use different services from Amazon Web Services (AWS) such as S3, EC2, Route53, etc. in my work and I use Ubuntu (GNU/Linux) as my operating system.

Why Work With Me

I put my heart and my soul into my work to find the proper balance between awesome designs, functionality, performances, and security while respecting the deadlines. I value honesty, I’m very flexible, responsible, I’m willing to evolve, take feedback, admit mistakes, and correct them.

Finally, I’m interdependent and system thinking minded and see any challenge in programming and life as being connected to other parts of an entire whole.

Other Interests

I’m interested in everything in life, but I’m not interested in everything at the same time. Passions come and go for me.

Currently my two other main interests are psychology and philosophy. I believe that someone who have a deep understanding of himself and of human psychology understand the world, and will be especially competent in dealing with life.