Node.js API


Node.js is a popular JavaScript server environment. It can be used to build different kind of projects like real-time web applications, REST APIs, etc.

This service is about REST APIs with Node.js. Let’s see the advantages of the technology and this service.

JavaScript Everywhere

Node.js unifies web development by allowing to use JavaScript on both front-end and back-end. It simplifies the knowledge stack and there’s no need to hire multiple developers to handle multiple languages. The hired developers also spend less time keeping themselves up to date.

High Performances

Node.js uses Google Chrome’s V8 engine, compiles JavaScript into machine code which boosts performances. Also, with non-blocking input/output operations, the requests are handled without delays which allows Node.js to send responses much faster than other languages.

Comprehensive Documentation

I provide complete and comprehensive documentation for my APIs. Get easily started with documented code to help you integrate your back-end with your user interface.


Node.js have one of the largest developer community in the world. Extensive support is available for any kind of problem which makes new issues fast and easy to resolve. The Node.js community also provides thousands of libraries that can be used to extend an application functionalities.


25$ / hour

Or we can set a budget for an entire project or some tasks.