Angular is a powerful technology to build complex web applications.

Developed by Google, it has become one of the most popular front-end frameworks. It is especially popular inside companies because of its rich features and robustness.

Let’s see together the advantages of Angular and what I can do for you.

Single-Page Application

Angular is a single-page application framework which means that it allows to navigate between pages without reloading. The user interface is therefore similar to a native desktop app as there is no need to reload the view. This creates a smooth user experience where it’s easy to navigate through complex views (charts, tables, etc.) with reduced loading time.

Upwork interface is made with Angular


Angular development is broken down into multiple modules and components.

This modular nature allows the development to be well structured and easy to follow. This also helps to reduce the development time and costs as components can be re-used in the application and also re-used in other projects.

Fast Performances

Being a single-page application framework gives Angular performance advantages. No need to load an entire new page, only the needed content is added, updated, or removed. When ready, the code is also compiled and minimized so that it runs fast on all web browsers.

MEAN Stack

Angular alone is limited to only a front-end interface. Therefore, it is when combined with other pieces of software such as a database and a back end API that we get a rich web application.

MEAN stack is an acronym for: MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, Node.js. It is a web development stack in which Angular is part of and that allows to create complete web applications that can be used from any device.

Additional Notes

I’m currently not familiar with:

    • Unit testing
    • Redux


25$ / hour

Or we can set a budget for a project or task.