With more than 30% of all the websites on the internet and an impressive community, WordPress is the perfect solution to build a successful website. The tool that exists since 2003 continues to show its robustness for building all kinds of websites: personal websites, business websites, blogs, e-commerce stores, etc.

Get a high-quality WordPress website, let’s see together the advantages of my service.

Custom Design

Get a design built from the ground up from an almost empty base template. Your website will be highly personalized and will uniquely reflects your niche. It will stand out from the crowd, help you attract visitors, and generate results.

Light and simple or elaborate and complex. We can see together what fits best your need to create the best website possible.

Responsive Everywhere

Mobile browsing has surpassed desktop browsing for multiple years now. Therefore, having a website that works well on desktops, tablets, and smartphones is particularly important.

In my work, I take care that your website is 100% mobile-friendly. I ensure a quality experience on mobile devices by adapting the elements and/or simplifying them.


Fast & Secure

All my WordPress designs are optimized to be as fast as possible. Practices like file minimization, caching, CDN integration are put in place to keep a light website.

Security is managed and monitored with the help of security plugins.

SEO Optimized

For any new WordPress website, an initial On-Page SEO optimization is included. It contains basic SEO necessities:

    • Google Search Console & Google Analytics setup
    • SEO plugin installation and setup
    • sitemap.xml setup
    • robot.txt setup
    • Structured Data
    • Keyword research
    • Keyword targeting
    • Meta titles and meta descriptions
    • Internal links
    • URL structure optimization
    • Images optimization: resizing, compression, and alt tags
    • Speed optimization

An SEO report will also be provided at the end of the development.

Monthly Maintenance + SEO

You got your website and you are satisfied? Great! If you are interested, we can extend our relationship with regular website maintenance and SEO services.

Learn more about this service here: WordPress Maintenance + SEO.


The price will depends on the website and its complexity.